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Some advice...
Dices the recording of your demand  of stroll with GREETERS 92 you receive a confirmation of your request with a number of stroll.
The communication is only made by e-mail. Consult your boxes Spam and e-mails and it even once arrived at Paris. Your stroll is confirmed? You also have the telephone number of your volunteer.
If there are errors in your answers, a message in red will indicate it to you. Correct and validate again.
As possible, we try to put you in connection with a volunteer having the same centers of interests as you, but we do not propose strolls with theme.
We guarantee you the confidentiality of the information communicated on the occasion of your registration.

Our strolls of the important points.

Stroll from 1 to 6 persons maximum : for the periods when the demands are very numerous, A stroll can group several visitors speaking  the same language.
Our priority is to find a volunteer of the association who is going to make you share his city or its district. Be allowed surprise. The volunteer makes his proposal of stroll and the hour of stroll. To you to accept it or to refuse it.

Our strolls are free.

According to the data protection act of 6/01/78, you benefit from a right of rectification and from withdrawal of the data concerning you, as well as the exclusion from our base of mailings. To exercise it, address to

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